President Jokowi Launched 3 Economic Policy Package

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President of Indonesia Mr. Joko Widodo (Jokowi) finally launched three economic policy package that aims to boost the economy of Indonesia. This package is also aimed at addressing world economic development that impact on the economy of many countries including Indonesia.

Jokowi says, in fact, the Government has issued a range of policies to create a conducive macroeconomic conditions. However, it is felt it is still not enough to boost the economy of Indonesia.

“However, that step has not been enough, eventually the Government continue the various efforts. For that Government policy package launched phase I September 2015, “said Jokowi at the presidential palace complex, Jakarta, Wednesday (9/9/2015) according to
Here are the 3 policies as cited from SindoNews:
First, encourage national industrial competitiveness through deregulation, administrative simplipication, as well as law enforcement and business certainty. There are at least 88 Regulations overhauled from as many as 154 proposed regulations for overhauled.
“So, this could eliminate duplication, strengthen the coherence and consistency, and trim the irrelevant rules or hamper the competitiveness of national industries,” Jokowi said.
In addition, it has been prepared 17 of drafts Government Regulation, 11 the drafts presidential regulation, two draft presidential instruction, 63 of the draft regulations of Ministers, and five other Ministers rule to support the deregulation process. 
Governments also perform the simplification of work procedures, repair permits, reinforce synergies, increased quality of service, as well as the use of electronic-based services.
“The Government is committed to completing all the package of deregulation in September and October 2015. So that later there will be a package phase two, and there may be a third package that will consistently we do continue, ” said Jokowi.
Second, speed up national strategic projects by eliminating various obstacles and blockages in the implementation and completion of the national strategic project. It is done with the simplification of permits, spatial resolution and the provision of land, as well as the acceleration of government procurement of goods and services.
“As well as discretion in the settlement of obstacles and legal protection. The Government also strengthened the role of the head area to do or provide support and implementation of national strategic project, “said this former Governor of Jakarta.
Third, increased investment in the property sector by issuing a policy to encourage housing construction particularly for low-income communities (MBR), as well as open up investment opportunities in the property sector.
“I want to emphasize here, this package aim to drive the real sector we are finally providing the Foundation for the progress of our economy leaps forward,” said Jokowi.
Notes: As Christian called to be blesings to our country, we pray that God help our country leaders to implement this policy package to boost the economy.

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