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As we have been often attending the church service we have become familiar with the program in church. Until we are able to put in sequence of the church service. However what has become a question to us is do all the programs are important? Sometimes we think that the most important is the sermon, or the worship is more important, or all are important. 

We need to understand that all programs in the service is important, only in the timing that each program has its own portion. In This meeting we will discuss on the importance of praise and worship in the service. Why?

1. The Thanksgiving offering to God
Psalms 100:1-5
When we worship God, the first thing that we do is bringing the thanksgiving offering to God. The thanksgiving offerings that we bring to God is in the form of praise and worship.
What is the meaning when we bring the thanksgiving offering in the form of praise and worship? That is an expression of our gratitude for what God has done in our lives. Has not God chosen us? Has not God have saved us?
Even He blesses us, providing what we need. He is with us because His presence is perfect for us.
As the gratitude on His abundant grace for us, God is pleased when we come to him we bring thanksgivingsacrifices. In the past God asked the priests to bring the the burnt sacrifices to offer before Him.
And now when we worship Him, have we brought our thanksgiving sacrifice which is praise and worship during our worship to Him?
2. God reigns and dwells in our worship
Psalm 22: 4, Acts 16:25, John 12:32
When we raised our voices to praise and worship God, it would make the presence of God come down to our place of worship. The Holy Spirit will do His work in the midst of our worship.
God reigns means that God is present with dignity, glory, power. And if God reigns then surely the power of darkness
can not stand being around our worship. When the Spirit of God works, miracles will happen. Look at Paul and Silas when they were in jail. They praise and worship God, their voices invited the presence of the Lord to reign, the song that they sang with faith, make the Spirit of God worked in the midst of them. What happened next? Shackles that bind were broken, those who were in prison, and even the jailer repents.
Look, how important praise and worship is in every services. Because the glory of the Lord will break every chains and release the blessings from heaven.
3. Get a revelation from heaven
Psalm 149: 1-6, Luke 8:11, 15
The revelation of God will bring peace, even though it was a revelation to us in the form of a reprimand. When we get
the reprimand, warning or instruction to improve through the sermon, our hearts will be ready to receive it because praise and worship that we sang has raised soften the tough soil in our hearts. All the hard and rocky ground was destroyed by the power of praise and worship.
It is advisable for us to raise our voice in prayer because when you lift up the sound of praise that comes from ourheart, it will make the Spirit of God touched your heart. The Spirit of God will prepare the hearts (the symbol of the land) and plough it so it will be ready to be watered (met Jesus or His presence), and is in good state for the seeds to be spread on (God’s Word).
You will also get a revelation from God during the sermon delivered, God can speak to you personally when sermon
was being delivered.

Advice for each of us:

– Let us learn to respect His presence in every service that we attend, for example, by showing up on time in service, and follow through from the beginning until the end.

– Do not be ashamed or afraid to lift your voice to praise and
worship the Lord. The Lord does not see the quality of our voice.
God wants to see you express your hearts to Him through praise
and worship. That is pleasing to Him. That will open the door for
blessing us. Do not be ashamed to glorify His name.

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