Glass Vs Steel

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Hammer crush glass, but a hammer shaping steel. What is the meaning of the saying of the ancient Russia?
If our souls are fragile like glass so when problems hit us, then easily we are desperate, frustrated, disappointed, angry and so contrite. If we are the glass we are also prone to collisions. We easily offended, disappointed, angry, or hurt when we relate with other people. A little clash is more than enough to destroy our relationship.

Be a steel. Mental steel always positive, remain grateful when problems and difficult circumstances are squeezing.

Why is this so? People who like this always assume that a problem is a process of life to shape it for the better. A piece of steel will become a tool more useful after  first processed and shaped with a hammer. Each blow was indeed painful, however the mental armor always realized that it was good for him.
If today we are oppressed by the problems of life, never respond with the wrong attitude. If we are the “steel” we will always see the hammer that struck us as companions who will shape us. Conversely, if we “glass” then we will always see hammer as an enemy who would destroy us.

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