Divine Inheritance

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Everyone wants success in everything, whether it’s in business, home, career, and many others. Not downwards but increasing success and we certainly doesn’t wants a good start with a bad ending.

In the Bible there is the story of someone who has a good beginning. Strong, great and anointed but it did not last because he failed to maintain his life. He began with spirit but ended up with flesh. He started with God but ended up with his own strength. If we are in that similar situation, let us quickly turn around.

Samson is an example to all of us. Who is Samson? He is a God’s Nazir, which means someone whose life is devoted for the ministry of God. We can see in Judges Chapter 13 on how Samson was chosen. After Joshua time leading the Israelites, God appoints judges to lead the Israelites. Samson is one of them.

Samson was anointed and given the purpose of God, his life should have been filled with testimony, but he squandered God’s call, even though ultimately he survived and came out of the fire furnace. I Cor 3: 11-15.


The story of Samson is a lesson for us that we should not waste the tasks God has for us and the grace that God has entrusted to us.

Let us read from Judges 16: 23-30.
Some of the reasons of the fall of Samson:

1. Taking God’s Divine Inheritance Lowly

(Judges 14: 8-9)
Samson despises divine inheritance. Samson’s parents obeyed, believe and have fear of God. He grew up in a spiritual family. He should have live according to the special will of the Lord’s for him, but he lowered the call of God as a Nazir of God and live in impurity.
Samson touch the dirty lion carcasses, make a bee nest there, ate the honey and even gave it to his parents. It is an impurity to God. Sometimes we underestimate spiritual issues where in fact it grieves the heart of God. We are God’s chosen people and nothing will change that. Well, it is true, but that does not mean we forget God by living according to our flesh. Remember that we are accountable to God who has chosen us.

2. Samson despise the grace of God

(Judges 16: 15-21)
Samson gave the secret of God’s divine power, which is anointing from God to his ministry. He wasted his divine inheritance to Delilah, and finally he had to be a prisoner. From a winner into a joke (verse 25 when Samson became blind he became a joke to the king who caught him).
At the time God called us with grace, our past sins and the sins of our descendants are being cleaned. But still there is a “sin nature” that lives in us that we have to struggle with. Indeed, the punishment of sin has been erased, but we have to win over the nature of this sin.
The devil will tempt us continuously as Delilah tried to seduce Samson.
But with the help of the Holy Spirit we can win over the nature of sin and live according to God’s word.

The lesson to be drawn from the story of Samson is:
* Let us not waste the grace of the Lord and take it as a license to sin. By believing that if I was once saved, I will forever be saved
* Remain faithful until the finish line. Grace of God is abundant and his love is immeasurable. But we must know that the immeasurable grace was given to us so that we repent sincerely, to act cautiously, remain alert and walk in holiness.
* The task salvation through the Lord Jesus is already finished. This is the time of the Holy Spirit to lead us believers AND WE MUST OBEY, therefore, Paul said we have to fight and run until the finish line.


Samson despises the divine inheritance from God through his parents, that he loses everything (the anointing of God, vision, strength, freedom, and an important testimony). He can control others, but not himself. Unable to resist his desires. Nothing built by Samson is remembered by the people of Israel. For those who have received the love of God’s grace, lest underestimate the divine inheritance. Live in righteousness and holiness through the help of the Holy Spirit until the end.

Adapted from Ps. Djohan Handojo’s sermon

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