Blessing in disguise

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A train ride in the middle of a cold winter.
When train paused, a man a whim out of the door of the train.
However, there are unexpected wind blew his hat so that his hat fall away from the train.
With alacrity, he ran after and finally, he successfully picked up his hat.
Suddenly the train engine goes off and starts to move.
With difficulty, she tried to scream and run.
However, the thick snow that makes she can’t run fast.
Finally, he left by train alone in the middle of that cold trip.
Complaining about the fate of his calamity, he kept cussing even to cry. Lamenting the unfortunate destiny.

He has left the train. His luggage is also missing.
Very annoyed, irritated and angry.

In short, after walking for hours, he  finally arrived at one of the local houses and stay there.
The next day, he heard a train slipping into the abyss, and all passengers were killed.
Of course not all, because this guy is save!
Problems, difficulties or catastrophe, sometimes can happen in our lives.
Some are entirely due to our error.
However, there are things the happening upon permission from “The Above” for a reason.
Therefore do not complain, annoyed and irritated against what happened, before you see what is the meaning behind the problems and the difficulties you may face.
Sometimes, the wisdom behind the misfortune and adversity, we come to understand after passing a long time.
Remember, do not complain too quickly when there are things that do not fit our expectation.
Who knows ….
“When the INCIDENT happened in your life. It is possible that there is a hidden treasure for you behind it! ”
That’s what often called a “blessing in disguise” …

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